AnimeS Expo 2020

TinYasuo Cosplay

TinYasuo Cosplay – Тази година печели специалната награда на Brother на световното в Япония. Отново на WCS в Япония печели и 2-ро място в група през 2016 година. Това са международните му отличия:

International contest info:
2013 – Nordic Cosplay championship (Solo) 2nd place
2014 – World Cosplay Summit (Group) Brother award
2015 – European Cosplay gathering (Solo) 1st place
2016 – World Cosplay Summit (Group) 2nd place
2017 – Nordic Cosplay championship (Solo) 1st place
2018 – World Cosplay Summit (Group) Brother award

Photo by: WORLD by HOKA

Още доста интересна информация за него:

Info facts:
– I started cosplay in late 2007, where at that time I still lived with my parents, and was not allowed to buy things online. for this reason I started making my own costumes in stead, which got me hooked on the hobby.

– I love cosplay because it is a hobby that can be enjoyed in so many ways. You can choose to buy your costumes and just hang out and chill, but you can also make them yourself, participate in contests and travel the world to meet people from other cultures. Cosplay is for everyone, I believe, because there is no right or wrong in how you do it, as long as you treat other people, and how they choose to do cosplay, with respect.

– for me, cosplay is socializing. It is sharing a creative hobby, breaking my limits and performing on stage despite that I actually are having terrible stage fright. I do these things because that is what makes cosplay fun for me.

– I mainly do sewn costumes, but I got a few armor projects in my past as well as for future plans

– my favourite part of making costumes is handsewing of details, such as different types of embroidery, sequin work, gold work and more.

– I love performing in cosplay, and while I only bring big projects to international contests, I absolutely love making simple, silly things back in my own country. I usually perform with my sister for the silly performances.

– When I make a costume, I like to stay as accurate to the refference as possible, and you will very rarely see me adding details or leaving anything out from the refference. However I still have my own way of interpretating the costumes, and will often do things such as embroidering something in stead of leaving it as a solid flat color, as the refference might show. I stick to shapes, sizes and colors, but I like to choose my textures to bring a flat 2D design into real life.

– My approach to a cosplay is that I think of what the character would wear, when deciding how to make a costume. What time period is said character from, and do I want to stick to historical accuracy or not for this certain project? How would this specific mechanic work in real life, if it was supposed to do mentioned effect? – these are questions I make from a design, in order to figure out how I want to make it for my costume. I prefer to see the design of the character’s clothes as it being their everyday clothing – therefore I want it to resemble clothes more than a costume. By this I mean such as choosing strong fabric for pants that would not rip easily when moving as an example.